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Meet our happy clients!

After 15+ years in business

Cory Barton Homes (CBH)
Hewlett Packard (HP)
Kount Central
The Idaho Food Bank
Believe Nation
US Ecology
Capitalist Pig (Steve J Larsen)
Ideal Practices
Valiant Productions
CashFlow Tactics
Credit Repair Cloud
Shield Maiden
This Naked Mind
MIG Living
Shine Dance Fitness
Peng Joon
Copperstone Dental
208 Skin Doc (Dr Portella
March Of Dimes
Northwest Nazarene University
School Of Greatness
Idaho Health And Welfare

Plus another 50+ clients not even mentioned above

  • Dr Bryan's Practice - For Ideal Practices

    Emotion sells and our storytelling reflects that. We don't just ask interview questions written on a piece of paper, we're truly engaged with what the story is. This is the short-form story of a 1 hour documentary that we made, describing the emotion of this dentist's new dream practice.

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    Travelled Out Of State
    Video Editing
  • Offermind Event - For Steve J Larsen

    We love filming events and creating marketing promos, capturing the energy and excitement of events is an art to us. This was a 3-day event that was covered with 3 video team members. We were able to edit this footage and redeliver within 2 weeks of filming it.

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    Full Event Coverage
    Multiple Cameras
    Promo Video Editing
  • Rapid Risk Score - For Emailage

    Animation work is a specialty of ours. You need animated videos that are bold, clean, and driving, and our work keeps the viewer watching. This video was produced and re-animated in 3 different languages, and was played to thousands on stage to reveal their new product.

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    Voiceover Talent
    Multiple Languages
  • A New Pandemic-Driven Service

    Storytelling used to be really expensive with travel, however when the world shutdown and we couldn't travel anymore, we found a better way. Using new technology, we can remotely capture stories from all over the world to help your mission come to life.

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    Marketing Stories
    Music Scoring

Our Team FishDawg Approach

Meet Our FishDawg Team
Film Production
Film Production
Video Editing
Video Editing
Live Streaming
Live Streaming
Event Videography
Corporate Production

Delivering “WOW!”

Going beyond just pressing the record button.

We are a full service video production company, from filming to editing we are confident that we can take care of all your video needs. We are driven to deliver amazing quality videos.

Video Production Boise FAQs

Why is FishDawg Productions the best video production service in Boise?

FishDawg Productions has been inside the Boise area for 15+ years because of the quality of our work. The videos we create are engaging, creative and effective tools for marketing. One of the things that stands out the most is our attention to detail. We go beyond just pressing the record button to produce driven results.

What can I expect if I work with FishDawg Productions on a video project?

You can expect an incredibly fast video editing speed and a professional experience. Our team is trained to be efficient, professional, and easy to work with. Be ready to be absolutely blown away by our work.

Does FishDawg work on national projects?

Yes we do, we've done work for global brands from coast to coast in the United States, to even Europe and Japan! We create high converting sales videos no matter where you are.

What does FishDawg Productions do?

Fishdawg is a video production company, we create amazing looking videos all in-house. This includes hiring any actors, scheduling and location scouting, filming (with our team of drone pilots, grip/lighting techs, cinematographers, and more), audio recording, motion graphics, animations, video editing, audio mixing and mastering, exporting, and file delivery.

How much does a video cost?

It depends on the size of your project!

There are so many things that factor into your budget. For example, it could be just a single person in our studio for a couple of hours at a low rate, or it could be a 4-day out of town film shoot with 3 camera operators and actors.

Give us a call, we are happy to help discuss your needs and find the best pricing for your budget.

What types of videos does FishDawg create? Are there any types of video you don't you do?

We can fit into almost any project, but we are also known for our specialities. Here is what we are great at producing:

  • Testimonials
  • Event Videography
  • Live Streaming
  • Product Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Online Ads

Here are the types of video we don’t work on:

  • Wedding Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Sports Games
  • Home movies
  • Editing your smartphone footage

Customer Reviews

Proudly serving clients across the world for 15+ years, and locally in Boise Idaho

Annie Grace

Founder of This Naked Mind

Setema Gali

Founder of TITAN Immersion

Liz Bennie

Founder of Social Monkey Business

Trey Lewellan

Kommerce Kings Coaching

Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness

Nicholas Bayerle

Billion Dollar Brotherhood

Rated 5 Stars On Google

Rated   by 19 customers

Verified Google Review

Brandan and the whole crew at FishDawg are AWESOME! I flew in Denver, CO to have them film my “origin” story to use with the upcoming promotion of my business. They are incredibly professional, talented and wonderful to work with. Video has always freaked me out! They helped me feel at home, which allowed my story to just flow. I’ve never felt so comfortable in front of the camera. I consider them an extension of family and HIGHLY recommend them for all your video production needs and desires! Until we meet up again, THANK YOU to all of the FishDawg crew!

Verified Google Review

I had an amazing experience working with Brandan and his team. Brandan was patient and knew the right questions to ask to help me not only share the story of my business but also speak to who I want to work with and invite them to learn more. After our session, he was able to edit my content into a story that speaks directly to my customer. As a result, this asset strengthens the relationship with my customer. I would highly recommend FishDawg productions for your video production needs.

Verified Google Review

Brandan and the entire team are FishDawg Productions are unbelievable. They have created two videos for me, and the results have been astounding, far beyond my expectations. They are able to find the key messages that your clients need to hear, cutting to the absolute core of what is vital to the narrative. Amazing storytelling is combined with world class production to take any brand to new levels. I can't thank you all enough! You have changed our business with your work, and allowed us to reach thousands and thousands more people.

Verified Google Review

FishDawg Productions is incredible! Not only are they amazing at capturing video and editing, but they are also as good as they come at conveying your story. After a recent video shoot, Brandan reached out to me with some suggestions he felt would make the video even better. His suggestions were right on! I came back into his studio to reshoot and couldn't be happier with the results. Their understanding of marketing sets them apart in the video production space. This is the team to hire!

Verified Google Review

When you have Brandan Fisher of Fishdawg Productions on your team you are guaranteed to receive top notch video and audio recordings.What sets Brandan apart from everyone else is his ability to capture the moment and create unforgettable scenes that last a life time.An absolute pleasure to work with!

Verified Google Review

Strengths: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Brandan and his crew are fantastic!

I had the pleasure of working with them this summer, and they totally exceeded my expectations. They are professional, highly skilled, and fun to work with. 10 out of 10!

Thanks again guys, looking forward to the next one!

Verified Google Review

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Brandan & his team. We recently re-hired Brandan for a new project to edit raw footage we had and deliver 4 highly produced, exciting video ads to sell our annual conference. The video work is amazing and Brandan certainly overdelivers! We gave Brandan raw footage with little guidance, and he produced 4 exciting & inspiring ads for us. I was particularly impressed by Brandan's always-positive, can-do attitude when we requested some minor adjustment for the final cuts. Always quick to revise and it only took 2 revision rounds to get a cut we loved. I felt like at every step of our project, that Brandan really cared about the quality of the final videos. The videos Brandan produced for us are on-track to help sell out our annual event! Any business would be lucky to work with Brandan, whether it's to produce a video from scratch or use your existing video resources to accelerate your company growth!

Verified Google Review

Absolutely incredible result. I worked with FishDawg Production to film the "origin" story of my company.The team had a great outdoor setup, lighting, cameras angles, mic... It never had been that easy to get talking and although I have made mistakes while telling the story, the result turned out absolutely mind blowing. This is not your "typical" video production company. Highly recommend (and I'm in Toronto, not Boise... that should speak for itself).

Verified Google Review

Brandan and his team are one of the best in the industry no doubt. I wish I could give 10 stars because I would. The way he gets the stories out of people and turns them into powerful videos is absolutely amazing. Highly recommend

Verified Google Review

Strengths: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Can’t say enough good things about the professionalism of this group. They have been editing videos for me for several months, and we have worked on many projects together. The quality is fantastic, the turnaround time is impressive, and they are responsive to my needs at all times.

Truly a group of professionals and I highly recommend them

Verified Google Review

We love Fishdawg! It was really a seamless process. They literally had us show up, and they ran the show, and directed us, made us feel SO COMFORTABLE, so that they could get the most amazing footage! The outcome of our project is amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more, and we look forward to finding another project to work on with them in the future! Thank you!

Verified Google Review

Brandan and his team at FishDawg Productions are awesome... I love that they had vision for my project and were able to create something I couldn't have described as what I even wanted! They really turned my videos into something I'm really proud to share with the world!

Verified Google Review

If I could give over 5 stars, I WOULD!! Brandan and everyone at FishDawg was amazing to work with and created us a top notch video. We gave them what seemed like an impossible task in a limited amount of time and they crushed it with flying colors. So grateful to have found them and can't wait to work with them more! If you're needing a video or commercial created, I would highly suggest them.

Verified Google Review

Brandan Fisher is amazing! He’s one of those rare individuals who takes a project from concept to script to screen and absolutely enjoys the process, all the way through. Brandan truly loves the storytelling process. When someone is exceptional at their craft AND they joufully engage in the nuanced journey with the client... It’s as good as it gets! That’s Brandan and Fishdawg Productions. A rare find!